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Benefits of different sleeping positions

There are a few different sleeping positions that we can adopt in order to get the best night’s sleep. Some are better than others for our health and our quality of sleep – they can even affect our dreams and say something about our personality.

There are many different reasons as to why we choose to sleep the way we do and the most obvious one is comfort. Then there’s a more surprising factor that decides our position in slumber – age.

How age affects our sleeping position

As we get older, we tend to move over to our side to sleep. In fact, research has shown that as we enter older adulthood we seem to prefer our right side and there are some schools of thought which think this is due to our need to protect our heart.

But, as with most things, it comes down to personal health circumstances and comfort requirements in the end.

So what are the benefits of each one, and what sort of sleeper are you?

Back sleeper

Sleeping on your back helps to distribute the weight more evenly, so our bodies fall back into alignment.

According to this is the best position for sleep but not the most popular. It’s good for back health because our weight more evenly, so our bodies fall back into alignment.

It’s good for acid reflux or GERD symptoms. It’s even good for wrinkles – less crunching your face against the pillow.

When is it not a good idea to sleep on your back? When you’re pregnant and if you snore, or suffer from sleep apnoea.

Side sleeper

Side sleeping is laying on your side and keeping your legs and torso quite straight. This is the second healthiest sleep position according to the Sleep Foundation because it helps decrease acid reflux. It can also keep back pain at bay as your spine is stretched and relatively straight. And if you’re a snorer or suffer with sleep apnoea? This is a great position to adopt as it keeps the airways open.

Stomach sleepers

This is a great one for the snorers out there but not a great one overall for your health. It can lead to back and neck pain, plus it puts pressure on your muscles and can lead to numbness, tingling, aches, and irritated nerves.

Foetal position

According to the sleep foundation, this is the most popular position. Not to be confused with side sleeping, this is when you sleep on your side with your torso hunched and legs bent. This position is particularly good for pregnant women as it helps to increase blood flow to the uterus. It’s also good for snorers but just be mindful of how tight you curl yourself. If you’re curled too tightly you could wake up feeling sore in the morning, or suffer breathing difficulties if your diaphragm is restricted.

Article provided by Chiropedic

Jan 12, 2017, 12:30 PM
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