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Choosing the best birthday present

Coming up with the best birthday present idea can be challenging. After all, the burden is on you to impress without looking like you’ve overdone your part or revealing any shortfalls in your friendship.

Before jumping the gun on coming up with ideas, be clear about the things that your friend likes and doesn’t like. This may seem simple to you, but it isn’t something you’d want to mess up. Imagine gifting a friend a skydiving experience only to realise they’re actually terrified of heights?

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, great birthday presents often come with memories to be shared. Think gift cards and experiences.

Now, buying a gift card doesn’t have to be tacky. Don’t fall into the trap of a $20 Target voucher or a shop at BWS. Everyone can buy a bottle of wine for themselves.

What everyone won’t necessarily buy is an experience that is truly exciting.

With so many amazing things to do in Melbourne, it’s time to delve into the amazing world of Melbourne gift card experiences.

Food glorious food

Guaranteed to satisfy all foodies, the Good Food Gift Card lives up to its name. Sharing the experience of culinary excellence, the gift card is redeemable at hundreds of restaurants across Australia.

Some of these establishments have even received commendations from the 2019 Good Food Guide, promising exceptional delectables.

There aren’t many things that bring people closer together than how food does.

The Public Brewery

If that special someone loves their beer, why not surprise them with the chance to brew their very own 50 litres of beer under the supervision of the experts? The Public Brewery offers a three hour session which entails wonders and magnificence of learning the brewing process guided by a highly experienced brewer.

From brewing ales to stouts to layers, the fun has only just begun. Feast your eyes on the prize of 330ml bottled goodies that you get to bring home and show to everyone at home.

Get your hands on a Public Brewery gift card which is redeemable on their website.

Go Karting

Instead of indulging in food that only adds on the calories, why not burn some instead with some adrenaline rushing fun?

With a friend who likes to live life with their gears on accelerate, how about giving them an Ace Karts birthday party? With a straight track that spans 700 metres, a go karting gift card will expose them to several high octane race sessions guaranteed to thrill.

With an outdoor race track that opens day and night, no matter the weather, the flexibility is to your calendar’s advantage. With super karts that can reach as fast as 75 kilometres per hour on the track, your friend’s need for speed will be fulfilled with a go karting gift card!

A Spooky Melbourne Ghost Tour

Going for something supernatural instead? Try the Spooky Melbourne Ghost Tour!

With paranormal experiences knocking right at your door, a GetYourGuide gift card for the Melbourne Ghost Tour will send your friend in shivers this birthday.

Lasting for one and a half hours, the tour takes you around the most haunted places in Melbourne CBD. Tune in to the horror stories that will send chills across your body, make your hair stand up, and possibly even wet your pants!

There is no creepier history lesson of Melbourne’s past than the Melbourne Ghost Tour. So, why not gift the gift of scary this year?

Just remember, when trying to come up with a birthday gift idea that will impress, you can’t ever go wrong with something as simple as a go karting gift card this year.

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