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Printing photos in a digital age

Printing photos seems incredibly old fashioned when your best pics are easily accessible on your phone, but it’s not as redundant as you may think. From losing all your precious memories, to the fundamental joy of a framed photo of your loved ones, there are countless reasons why printing photos is definitely still worth doing.

Imagine losing all your memories

Digital storage is incredible and allows you to access all your photos and documents in an instant, but it’s also intangible and risky. The memory capacity of your phone is now so large you can store hundreds, even thousands of snaps. If your phone gets damaged, or you drop it down the toilet and you haven’t backed it up though, those memories are lost.

Printing is so quick and easy these days

Only a decade ago, printing was a tedious chore, and you’d have to wait for ten minutes for the printer to receive the photo for printing, and once printed, the quality was poor. Now though, printing shops offer you access to your Facebook, email or USB to print any photo quickly and in pristine quality.

Why print your photos?

Imagine being apart from your family, and seeing your loved one’s face smiling back at you as you go to sleep. Or having your children’s beaming smiles brighten your day while you’re battling an ever-growing pile of work?

Realistically, you probably won’t look at most of your digital images in one or two years (especially the awkward selfies!) By printing only your special photos and your most important memories, you take the time to remember the memory and cherish the person in the snap.

Photo frames arent the only option

If you don’t like the look of cluttered photo frames around your home, try some wooden pegs on yarn or clip photos to fairy lights. Try a photo board or collage, or even make an old-fashioned scrap book. Photo frames are definitely not the only option to help you enjoy your photos at home.

Printed photos are still a valuable way to appreciate your images, and luckily, there are countless ways to extract your favourite pics from your digital devices so you don’t lose your most cherished memories.