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Things to Consider When You Choose a Panel Beater

Nobody wants to get into a car accident. But if you’re unlucky enough to have to experience one, the most important thing is that everyone involved can walk away uninjured.

The next most important thing is getting your car repaired and not paying an arm and a leg. There are also several other considerations that you should take into account to make sure you get the repairer that’s right for you.

Choosing your own repairer

These days, a lot of comprehensive insurance policies offer you a choice of repairer. While insurers often have preferred repairer which they will refer you to, it can be in your best interests to choose your own repairer.

Your chosen repairer may be more conveniently located near your home or work, or they might be specialists for your particular type of car.

Whatever the reason is, you should take advantage of your choice of repairer if you are unhappy with the preferred repairer for any reason. With that in mind, here are a few things you should keep when deciding on your repairer.

Genuine parts

The quality of the repairs is, of course, the most important thing to look for in a panel beater. One of the best indicators for quality is whether or not the repairer uses genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Using non-genuine parts is often how cheap panel beaters can keep their prices down. But non-genuine parts do not come with the same quality or guarantees as genuine parts.

Modern car repairs

These days, cars are a lot more complicated than just four wheels and an engine. Cars are full sensors for parking, assisted steering and braking, airbags, and cameras.

Your repairer needs to be up to date with all the latest technology and developments if they’re going to do a good job on your car. The only way to do that is with ongoing training and investment in the latest equipment.

Free courtesy car

You probably can’t put everything on hold just because your car is being repaired. You still need to get to work, drop the kids at school, do the grocery shopping, and everything else you have planned. So getting another car is usually essential.

Renting a car while your cart is being repaired can be almost as expensive as the repairs! In some cases, your insurer may reimburse you for the costs, but it’s usually simpler to choose a repairer who offers a free courtesy car.


Another important consideration for a lot of people is the sustainability of the repairer. It’s worth checking to see if a repairer has any green initiatives or accreditations on their website.

How a panel beater deals with oil and chemical runoff and even the types of paint they use can have a big environmental impact.

Choose carefully

Once you know what you’re looking for in a repairer, it’s just a matter of finding one that ticks all the boxes.

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