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FREE Television

Wilston, Queensland

FREE Firewood

Marsden, Brisbane, Queensland
We are at Mount Gravatt East and looking for some moving/packing boxes. If you have any laying around that you no longer want...
Moving / Packing boxes

NEEDED Moving / Packing boxes

Mount Gravatt East, Queensland
If anyone has some Mother In Laws tongue plants to give away in the Northern Gold Coast area please let me know.
Mother In Laws Tongue plants

NEEDED Mother In Laws Tongue plants

Ormeau, Queensland
If you have an Irish Drum aka as a Bodhran lying around or gathering dust would love the chance to grab and start to play as a...
Bodhran, Irish Drum

NEEDED Bodhran, Irish Drum

Mermaid Waters, Queensland
Furniture needed
Need furniture urgently

NEEDED Need furniture urgently

Mermaid Beach, Queensland
Eziwall Concrete retaining wall blocks
Any Colour
Dimensions (mm)
W:203 H:130 L:295

Will collect...
Eziwall Concrete retaining wall blocks

NEEDED Eziwall Concrete retaining wall blocks

Elanora, Queensland
I am in desperate need of Garden pots for repotting seedlings and other cuttings that I have been given.


Morayfield, Queensland