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stuff you can't list

Hey Ziilchers,

Even though we're a free website and you're looking to give away your items with the best of intentions, there are still some items we don't allow on the site. This is only for items that are potentially breaking any laws, are unsafe, or anything that we feel is generally inappropriate or in violation of our policies.

Please see below for a comprehensive list of items we don't allow on the site.

- Pets
- Birds
- Fish / Reptiles
- Any Animal
- Services / Free consultations
- Businesses
- Anything that asks for money with the exception of postage costs
- Prescription drugs
- Drugs and drug paraphernalia
- Pirated or copied media, including CD's, DVD's & games
- Pornographic goods or services
- Tobacco
- Liquor
- Unsealed or past used by food
- Weapons
- Ammunition
- Explosives
- Fireworks
- Hazardous chemical, biological and radioactive materials
- Any goods capable of infringing any rights including intellectual property rights
- Birth certificates
- Drivers licenses
- Passports
- Official uniforms
- Goods that may be religiously, sexually, racially or in any other way offensive

Other considerations:
- Baby car seats (manufacturers generally advise against using a seat that’s more than 6-10 years old.)
- Electrical items (ziilch recommends any electrical items be checked out by a registered electrical contractor or licensed electrician before you plug it in.)

Happy Ziilching!