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Looking for a small vacuum cleaner in working condition for an apartment.
Vacuum cleaner

NEEDED Vacuum cleaner

Melbourne, Victoria
Looking for a reception bell for a nursing home.
Reception bell

NEEDED Reception bell

Melbourne, Victoria
Looking for a black tie for an event.
Black tie

NEEDED Black tie

Melbourne, Victoria
I'm setting up an outdoor play area for my kid so if anyone has one in good condition that's no longer needed we would love it....
Child's easel

NEEDED Child's easel

Wantirna, Victoria
Im looking for some old dolls basically as i want to see if i can steadly paint their faces to decide if i should buy kits or...
Old Dolls

NEEDED Old Dolls

Melbourne, Victoria
Looking for a set of teaspoons for a nursing home. The more you can donate the better. Thank you.

NEEDED Teaspoons

Melbourne, Victoria
Looking for a combination key lock similar to the one shown in the picture. Not fussed about the design of the lock as long as...
Combination key lock

NEEDED Combination key lock

Melbourne, Victoria