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Hello there My son is a visual artist who has an intellectual disability. We are trying to create a space for him to work in...
Caravan wanted

NEEDED Caravan wanted

Ringwood, Victoria
For most private and passenger vehicles, their owners hold on to them at an average of 5 years so that they could still resell...
Scrap Old Trucks

NEEDED Scrap Old Trucks

Dandenong South, Victoria
Toyota Hiace Commuter Van Seats

FREE Toyota Hiace Commuter Van Seats

Frankston, Victoria
Trailer wheel 15 cm diameter (6 inch)

FREE Trailer wheel 15 cm diameter (6 inch)

Macleod, Victoria
Cheap transport needed for a disability pensioner. Must be registered and cheap.
Or even if I can I pay it off. I'm a ex...
Cheap car / scooter needed.

NEEDED Cheap car / scooter needed.

Westminster, Western Australia
Interested in a free trailer base

NEEDED Trailer

Langwarrin, Victoria