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Ziilch Glossary

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A/ Ziilch

Ziilch - to rid one's house of clutter at no financial cost, preferably with your feet up, and a drink in your hand, see also recycle, de-clutter, freebie, karma

B/ Ziilched

Ziilched - to have completed the process of removing clutter and surplus goods from the home, such as darling son's drum kit and preferably while he's out. Also see streamline, reduce, boarding school

C/ Ziilcher

an individual newly freed from unwanted items

D/ Ziilching

Ziilching - To occupy ones time by decluttering their home or unwanted goods to give away to those who may need them

E/ Ziilch-it

To remove an item no longer wanted from the home by giving it away rather than hoarding it or throwing it out. See also, pay it forward, share the love, karma