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Here's a few things members of the community have to say about ziilch!

"Another happy Ziilcher,
Mum of Two boys picked up our Ping Pong table and accessories today, really lovely couple. I feel so
great knowing it will be used and not thrown into
hard rubbish taking up landfill, it will be used
and enjoyed. Thanks for helping me pay it forward,
I have a few more things coming.."


“I love Ziilch, I am always looking to see if
someone can help me with some item that I
might need. I don’t have much to give away
at the moment but my time will come.
Thanks Ziilchers for a good job.”


“Just gave away a TV cabinet yesterday.
My first Ziilch item and it went very
smoothly to a good home!
Thank you Ziilch”


"How exciting is this. Listed 6 items,
5 requests within minutes, two already gone!
So great to be a part of Ziilch Community!”


“I have given away 6 items now
and were all picked up within 3 days.”


“love this... =D love giving things I no
longer need to others to be used and loved,
it’s a great feeling... =D
and giving something a new home
is also a great feelin...+))””


“Just love Ziilch! I have even passed
on 800 plastic forks! Incredible!!!”


“The fan is just waiting for pick up -
Ziilch is completely addictive!
Three things given, two picked up, and my
husband is checking to make sure I don’t empty his workshop... Thanks for such an easy to use website.”


“Wow what a great site is ziilch,
too good to waste,
hey... love it...”


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