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stay safe

It’s important to us here at Ziilch that everyone trades safely and therefore we remind you to exercise all reasonable caution and take all necessary measures to ensure your transactions are safe and happy one’s.

We’ve put together a few pointers for you to keep in mind when trading and collecting items.

Be aware of potential Scams

Please exercise caution if a person listing an item asks for money to deliver an item or courier it to you. Please report suspicious requests by clicking on the "Something not quite right? Report it here" link on the listing page of an item. If an item is genuine and you need it delivered, Ziilch recommends that the person requesting the item organise the collection. You can report scams to the government’s Australian Cyber Crime Online Reporting Network. You can find more information about scams here and read more about them in The Little Black Book of Scams, published by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Never provide banking details or passwords

Never provide your bank details, PayPal details or passwords to anyone over the internet or telephone. Check with your bank or financial institution regarding their recommendations for safely making payments on the internet.

Never reply to a phishing or suspicious email and never click on any links in the message. If you ever receive an email that looks like it’s from Ziilch about a problem with your account or requesting personal information, check your “Messages” in “My Account” on the Ziilch website first. If the email is genuine, you’ll see a copy there.

You can also forward questionable emails to and we’ll look into it for you. Do not respond to the email or click on any links in the message. Please do not remove the original subject line or change the email in any way.

Never disclose personal information when listing to give or receive

We recommend that you stick to providing only details about the item you are listing and general geographic details of your location such as a suburb or postcode. Don’t post personal details of any nature on Ziilch.

Collection etiquette

Happy giving and receiving is what Ziilch is all about, so make a mutually agreeable time to collect items that you know you can keep – notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances, of course. We are all busy people and there is nothing more frustrating than making a time to collect something and having one party not show up. Most Ziilchers leave the item clearly marked with the members name on it on their porch ready for collection, this way if you're not comfortable meeting the other member, they can collect it at a time convenient to them.

Another point of note when dealing with the collection of large or heavy items is to ensure that both the giver and receiver have considered the necessary assistance to help moving and lifting the item.

Treat fellow members with respect

Sometimes things go wrong and there are misunderstandings, but we are all like minded adults trying to do our bit for the environment and our community, so remember even when things don’t go according to plan to treat fellow members with respect and courtesy.

To help ensure a pleasant community trading environment, ziilch has a member rating system that we ask you to use after each transaction is complete and of course you are also welcome to contact us directly if you would like to report inappropriate behavior.