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I am looking for a computer desk that has drawers and maybe if you could deliver to my home in Miller near Liverpool a can pay...
Looking for a computer desk with drawers

NEEDED Looking for a computer desk with drawers

Miller, New South Wales
cardboard box, useful as an indoor petbed?

FREE cardboard box, useful as an indoor petbed?

Blackburn, Victoria
Polystyrene packing "peanuts" small box full

FREE Polystyrene packing "peanuts" small box full

Blackburn, Victoria
newspapers, small quantity

FREE newspapers, small quantity

Blackburn, Victoria
Race car party bids and bobs

FREE Race car party bids and bobs

Mitcham, none
Hi Folks
I'm looking for any unwanted model train bits you might have cluttering your shed, irrespective of condition. I...
Model Train Bits

NEEDED Model Train Bits

Cheltenham, Victoria
2  X  free Windows's

FREE 2 X free Windows's

Saint Albans, Victoria
i will take computers of any kind os or age working or not
computers any type or os

NEEDED computers any type or os

Brunswick, Victoria
Recliner Lounge Suite

FREE Recliner Lounge Suite

Cranbourne West, Victoria
Table and chairs

FREE Table and chairs

Yarra Glen, Victoria
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Be clutter free! Have someone come and take it away in 3 easy steps!
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Why use Ziilch to give away second hand things?
Declutter and get organised
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No need to wait for your councils annual hard rubbish collection and no need to pay for "at call" hard rubbish pick-up or recycling centre fees. List your useful items on Ziilch 24/7 and have someone come and collect them for free.
Help people in your community by giving away your stuff for free.
It feels great when you know how much someone appreciates your preloved and second hand items. Not only are you recycling items by passing them on to other people, you are helping out other families in your community.
Keep useful stuff out of landfill and help the environment
It's quick and easy to list your free items on Ziilch and with our active community you'll find new homes for your unwanted items in no time. This means it's easier than ever to do your part for the environment by keeping good stuff out of landfill.