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Unicycle and helmet

FREE Unicycle and helmet

Melbourne/Box Hill South, Victoria
Door Locks, Handles etc.

FREE Door Locks, Handles etc.

Balwyn, Victoria
Box of Books

FREE Box of Books

Melbourne/Box Hill South, Victoria
Plumbing bits

FREE Plumbing bits

Balwyn, Victoria
New Padlocks

FREE New Padlocks

Balwyn, Victoria
Electrical Bits and Pieces

FREE Electrical Bits and Pieces

Balwyn, Victoria
Water Jugs

FREE Water Jugs

Balwyn, Victoria
Gas Cylinder and burner

FREE Gas Cylinder and burner

Balwyn, Victoria
Stationery Bits and Pieces

FREE Stationery Bits and Pieces

Balwyn, Victoria
Joist Hangers

FREE Joist Hangers

Balwyn, Victoria
How to give things away on Ziilch
Be clutter free! Have someone come and take it away in 3 easy steps!
Snap a photo and
write a description
Pick someone
to give it to
Pop it on your
porch ready for collection
Why use Ziilch to give away second hand things?
Declutter and get organised
when it suits you.
No need to wait for your councils annual hard rubbish collection and no need to pay for "at call" hard rubbish pick-up or recycling centre fees. List your useful items on Ziilch 24/7 and have someone come and collect them for free.
Help people in your community by giving away your stuff for free.
It feels great when you know how much someone appreciates your preloved and second hand items. Not only are you recycling items by passing them on to other people, you are helping out other families in your community.
Keep useful stuff out of landfill and help the environment
It's quick and easy to list your free items on Ziilch and with our active community you'll find new homes for your unwanted items in no time. This means it's easier than ever to do your part for the environment by keeping good stuff out of landfill.