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3 Essential Tips for a Great Kids' Party on a Budget

When planning a children’s party, of course, you want it to be a fun-filled day for everyone involved. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the cost can be a concern. How can you create a magical experience for your child while still keeping spending to a minimum? Well, it is possible with careful planning and creative ideas to keep the kids entertained. Let’s use the example of a Halloween party to show how to achieve this.

Tip 1# How to create cheap Halloween costumes

While it is no doubt more convenient to buy Halloween costumes online, you can save a pretty penny by raiding your wardrobes for items that can be altered or accessorised to form the basis of some classic Halloween costumes. Collecting a “dress up box” of cheap clothing from opportunity shops throughout the year can also save a lot of stress and hassle. This box can then be raided at costume party time or dipped into for children’s play dates or rainy days inside. Similarly, investing in some high-quality hypoallergenic face paint will allow you to create convincing Halloween costumes with just the stroke of a brush. Use face paint for a variety of costume themes from creepy, wicked witches to enchanting fairy princesses.

Tip 2# Go Retro with Old Fashioned Low-Cost Party Games

Once you have the Halloween costumes sorted out, the next step is to plan the party games. You may remember some from your childhood such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical statues, Simon says, What’s the time Mr Wolf, pass the parcel or even a treasure hunt. There is a reason these games still stand the test of time. They require little financial investment while still being fun and imaginative. If you want to offer prizes, there is no need to go overboard. Get a packet of lollipops and use one for each game or create home-made ribbons as rewards.

Tip 3# D.I.Y Party Food

While it may be tempting to buy all the food pre-made, baking from scratch will not only save you money, it will create a unique table of edible goodies to suit the theme of the event. Simple recipes presented in creative ways are often the most impressive to children. Remember that child-like wonderment you had at parties? The catering doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. If baking everything by yourself seems a little overwhelming, get other parents to help out and bring a plate of party food on arrival.

When planning a thrifty children’s party, some extra organisation and thought are often required. But with these few simple tips, you will be well on the way to curtailing cost while maximising the fun for your child and their little guests.