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4 Exciting Melbourne Activities Sure to Get Indoor Kids Outside

Want to get the kids off of the couch? Try these four great outdoor activities in Melbourne.

There's no doubt about it. These days, kids love playing indoors.

Between videogames, television, streaming services, comic books, the Internet, computers, tablets and phones, there's no shortage of distractions to keep kids inside and away from the great outdoors.

How can the outdoors possibly compete with the thrills and flashing lights of the digital age? Well, you may be surprised. Here are four adrenaline-fueled activities sure to get the kids off the couch and out the door.

1. Luna Park

Melbourne's iconic, big-mouthed theme park has been capturing the imagination of Australian children for over 80 years, and the appeal is no less today.

There are rides for children of all ages. From Binky the Train for the little ones to the 'Power Surge' thrill ride for the bigger kids and young-at-heart.

Luna Park's Scenic Railway Roller Coaster is the world's oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster. Give it a go for some very old-school fun.

2. Old Melbourne Jail

Want to scare the kids straight, while educating them on Melbourne's local history? Book them in for an Old Melbourne Jail Crime & Justice Experience.

They'll see where infamous outlaw Ned Kelly spent time, as well as his place of execution and death mask. Perhaps not appropriate for the younger children!

If you're feeling especially brave, book in for an after dark visit. Both 'ghost tours' and 'tours with the hangman' are available.

3. Melbourne Zoo

While catching augmented reality Pokemon on your mobile phone is great, there's still nothing quite like seeing real animals, up close.

Your kids will enjoy meeting the lion kings of the jungle, the enormous but friendly elephants, as well as the stoic and majestic gorillas.

Children under the age of 16 get free entry every weekend during the school holidays and every public holiday. Contact Melbourne Zoo for full details regarding free services.

4. Ace Karts

Ace Karts say their go-karting is as close as you get to pro racing without a fireproof suit'. And, it's hard to argue with them. The karts are properly exhilarating.

There's two-seater racers for the youngest members of your family and yourself, rookie karts for those aged 6 - 11, as well as the 'super karts' for teens and up.

The track runs 700m in length with a 105m limit-pushing straight toward the finish line. And, it's all outside, no indoor racing here.

In Closing

There are no shortage of exciting outdoor activities in and around Melbourne. So turn off the television, put the phone on silent, and get out there!

Your kids are sure to love these thrilling outdoor adventures. Prefer free activities? You can find plenty of great free toys and games for children of all ages on Ziilch.