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5 tips to making sure your free stuff is perfect for you

The allure of free stuff is almost irresistible. You see something being given away for free, and you think to yourself, hey, I could make room for that in my life.

Months later, looking at your free thing in your house, you might be thinking, “why’d I get that? Was it because it was free? Should I just Ziilch it?”

We don’t want you to make that mistake! We want you to have something for free that you’re truly excited about. You want something sublime! Maybe you even want perfection.

Here are our 5 tips to picking up the perfect free thing.

  1. Know what problem you’re trying to solve

Think about alternative solutions to your problem. If you’re looking for a bookshelf, free yourself from just searching for “bookshelves”. Anything can be a bookshelf if you want it to be! Wooden crates, ladders, or, if you’re feeling wild, hollowed out guitars or TVs can be great bookshelves.

  1. Be specific about your requirements

Be clear with yourself. What are your non-negotiables? What do you absolutely need to find in your item? How many books does your bookshelf need to hold? Does it need to match a particular aesthetic? Make sure you stick to all your requirements in your search.

  1. Know where you can make compromises

What are the things you’d be okay to give up? Maybe you’re fine with things being a little rough around the edges, not quite the right colour. Maybe your bookshelf doesn’t carry quite as many books as you’d like. Know what you can give up, and open up your options when you’re on the hunt.

  1. Time is an ingredient

Set yourself a deadline on when you want to find your item. Finding the best free stuff takes time and energy. Remember even if you don’t find something tomorrow, you’ll be able to try again the next day, and the day after that. Be patient, know exactly what you want, and you’ll find it. And hey, if you get it and you can’t make it work, just Ziilch it.

  1. Write it down

Write down everything you’ve just thought about. Write down the problem you want to solve, your requirements, what compromises you can make, and how long you’ve given yourself to find the thing. Put it somewhere you can see it, and stick to it!

Samantha Winnicki runs Perfect Forms, a website dedicated to finding the best and most perfect products in Australia. Find product reviews and tutorials on finding the perfect products and experiences for you.