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Hosting a BBQ on a Tight Budget

Barbeques are informal, but informal does not always translate into affordable. However with frugal planning, hosting a barbecue may be a big success even on a very tight budget. The following steps can help you host a barbecue that will feed everyone without having to empty your wallet.

1. Keep your food choice inexpensive. Skip the steaks and instead serve barbecued chicken, sausages and pork tenders. Marinate them in barbecue sauce or you can season them with just a barbecue rub and then cook them on the grill. Your guests will love it. Failing that, you'll always make friends with an abundance of hot dogs and burgers, but make them memorable. A few caramelised onions, some fruit chutney and american mustard and your guests will be full and feeling spoilt.

2. It's cliched, but adding a clause to your invite stating that ''people are welcome to bring a dish'' will guarantee your side dishes and salads are well catered. Deep down, people love to help.

3. Decorations are not essential to make a great BBQ but if you need to set the mood, head into the garage and grab those Christmas lights. It's festive at any time of year. All else fails, never underestimate the impact of a set table, napkins and two candles in the centre of the table. Even if you don't light them, your guests will know they're somewhere nice.

4. Not enough furniture? Then ditch it altogether and lay out the picnic rugs. Your BBQ will be remembered fondly.

5. Three simple letters - B.Y.O

About the author:
Danny Duric is an Australian designer and blogger, who enjoys reading and writing about home improvement and home design. He is writing on behalf of a supplier of bbq grills in Brisbane, Australia.

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