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1.jpg Cheap and Easy ways to Source Plants for Your Garden

Having a great garden doesn't have to be expensive. Especially not when everything you need is right at your fingertips. Plants can cost a lot to buy from nurseries and retailers like Bunnings Warehouse or Masters Home Improvement but by following these simple tips you can have a flourishing garden in no time for next to nothing.

1.) Check the Hard Rubbish - often people will leave potted plants on their nature strip to be picked up as part of the hard rubbish collection. Most of the time this is because they are decluttering or moving house, not because there is anything wrong with the plant - often it just needs some TLC. And if the plant does die you still have the pot. Talking of pots; they are another item to grab from hard rubbish. Plastics pots cost money to buy but are always being put out for hard rubbish - save the space in landfill and save yourself the money at the same time.

2.) Stop in at a Garage Sale - often people having garage sales might also have a few potted plants to sell. It is always worth a look and you never know - you might pick up a bargain.

3.) Don't forget the opportunity shops - some op shops now have entire sections devoted to plants so they are always worth checking out. These plants will definitely be cheaper than anything you would buy in a nursery and the money is going to a good cause.

4.) The Discount Tables at Nurseries - here is a secret; the plants nurseries discount usually have nothing wrong with them. Usually they are on the discount table because they have suffered some minor neglect and aren't looking up to scratch. Nine times out of ten if you pick your plant right, take it home and look after it, the plant will end up looking much better than it did before it even got to the discount table.

5.) Ziilch - it's always worth checking on Ziilch for free plants. A plant which is not right for someone else's garden could be just the thing for that bare patch in the bed you have been trying to fill.

6.) Sites Like Ebay - often there are good plants and seeds to be found in the Ebay classifieds or on sites like Gumtree or the Trading Post. Seeds can be posted from anywhere in the world but be sure that the plant you are hoping to grow is suited to the climate where you live.

Check these places for plants and you will end up with a beautiful and varied garden without breaking the bank.

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