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What does hard rubbish have to do with Ziilch?

The concept of Ziilch was conceived whilst trying to solve Australia’s hard rubbish problem.

Re-useable items left on hardrubbish pile.

It seems on any given day you can find hard rubbish accumulating on the nature strips and stairs of houses and apartment blocks all around the country. Indeed, the hard rubbish culture is popular in Australia. We’re sure everyone either knows of someone who has found hidden treasure in hard rubbish, or has found some themselves. It’s can be fun, but it can also be costly to your council and to the environment.

Sure, someone’s hard rubbish pile is a great place to find some free furniture or some free household appliances, but only if you catch it early. Because all it takes is one night in the rain, or one unfortunate encounter with a passing animal and that treasure turns into trash. All of the sudden your house is decorated by, as the name suggests, hard rubbish.

Hard rubbish that is destined for landfill which is not only costly to the environment, but to your councils budget as well.

What Ziilch does is takes the concept of hard rubbish off your nature strip and places it online.

So don’t put your couch, or TV out in the cold to get destroyed before anyone can collect it. Take a photo of it and place it on Ziilch. Not only will you find it a new home a lot quicker than a hard rubbish pile can, but you’re doing you part for a more sustainable Australia.