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Being weighed down by a bunch of stuff you don't need anymore? Ziilch can take the burden off your shoulders and declutter your home, for free!

Having a good spring clean is a great way of decluttering your home and ditching all that stuff you don't use anymore. One of the biggest hurdles people face when decluttering their homes is what to do with all that stuff they don't need anymore - now you can leap that hurdle with ease with Ziilch's guide on how to declutter your home.

That pesky wardrobe:
Who's usually the biggest culprit when it comes to stockpiling stuff you don't use? That pesky wardrobe! That's why this should be the first place you go when you start to declutter your home. A good general rule to follow is that if you haven't worn or used it for 12+ months, post it on Ziilch and find it a new home!

Empty every cupboard:
Not far behind the wardrobe in accumulating unused items are the cupboards - there's bound to be a tonne of nick nacks sitting around in there that you haven't touched since that Tupperware party you went to 5 years ago.. When you declutter your house, be sure to empty out ALL your cupboards and make sure you only keep one set of everything, that's all you need after all. And you know what to do with the excess, list it on Ziilch for free!

Hit up the garage:
Are you risking your life every time you walk into the garage due to the towering piles sports equipment, unwanted gifts, old luggage and other unused items? Don't be ashamed, it's pretty common - mainly because the garage is separate to the house so most people deem it more acceptable to let it become a cluttered mess. So, when decluttering your home, make sure you hit up the garage - and use the finger swipe rule; if a swipe of the item leaves you with a few mm of dust on your finger, post it on ziilch and find it a dust free home.

You've got to be ruthless:
Decluttering your home is no time for being soft and sentimental - to thoroughly declutter your home you need to put all that aside and be a ruthless. Be honest with yourself, do you really need it anymore? It the answer is no - it's time to post it on Ziilch, where there's bound to be someone who'll say yes.

One of the main reasons people cling onto things they don't need any more is that on one hand it's too good to trash, while on the other they don't want pay the fees associated with auctioning it online or going to the trouble of organising a garage sale. So when you're facing this predicament how do you declutter your home? Ziilch of course! Ziilch's free listing service will help you find loving homes for all those items and solve the problem of how to declutter your home.

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