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Ditch the stress of moving with Ziilch’s moving house checklist

Pretty much everyone has gone through the hassle of moving house before, and knows that it’s one of those things that can really do your head in. Some times there are small jobs like removing marks on the wall. Or there are big jobs like having to paint the whole house in one day. Moving house doesn’t need to create all this brain strain though, by following these few easy steps the whole experience can be a lot less painful.

Cleanout the wardrobes and cupboards:

Something you should always do before moving house is conduct a thorough spring clean, and while you’re spring cleaning, put a big focus on your wardrobes and cupboards. Why you ask? Because that’s where most people hoard tonnes of stuff they don’t need. And lugging all that stuff with you when you move house is just going to make things a lot harder. SO, rather than continuing to hoard, and hence create more work for when you move house – post the unwanted items on Ziilch, there’s bound to be someone on there who’ll have more use for them than you.

Get organised:

Figure out what stuff isn’t so important to your day to day living, items such as décor and books etc. then start packing them early. This will reduce the amount of packing you need to do later and make it quicker and easier when you get closer to the big move.

Prepare, prepare, prepare:

The key to stress free moving is having a clear idea of all the stuff you’ll need to move house. There’s nothing worse than getting yourself all geared up for moving house then realising you haven’t got the items you need to do it. Before going out and buying boxes, tape etc. for your move – make sure you checkout Ziilch, you might find exactly what you need for free!

Chill out:

Don’t let moving house get the better of you – if you’re starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, just take a few deep breaths and chill. It’ll all be over soon and you’ll be setup in your awesome new home. And if you’ve followed the other steps, you can rest assured that everything’s organised on track. Not only that, the old cricket bat you’d had sitting in the cupboard for the last decade is now the new source of joy of some kid hitting six’s in his backyard – thanks to your decision to post it on Ziilch.

So if you’ve followed our simple moving house checklist your big move is bound to go off without a hitch! Not only will you have managed to make the whole moving house thing a lot less stressful – you will have freed yourself from a lot of clutter by posting all that stuff you didn’t need any more on Ziilch – and it didn’t cost you a cent!

With its ability to free you from clutter AND help you find items to make the move easier – Ziilch is your best friend when you move house.

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