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Looking for an eBay alternative? Ziilch is the answer

If you’re looking for goods online you need to check out Ziilch – not only is it a tonne easier than buying or selling on eBay, it’s free!

Got some stuff lying around that you just can’t get rid of by selling on eBay? Well the ultimate eBay alternative is here: Ziilch!

Where sites like eBay have a large focus on profiting from the transactions process – Ziilch is dedicated to helping its users find good homes for their unwanted merchandise easily and efficiently.

Listing and taking items on Ziilch is free, and the fun and friendly user base’s sole concern is finding loving homes for the items they no longer need.

The Ziilch catalogue is growing everyday – and Ziilch is positioning itself as one of Australia’s most happening trade hubs with all its items available for… you guessed it, free!

So if you’re looking for a great eBay alternative, check out Ziilch – where good people go for online auctioning and trades.

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