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1.jpgFive Tips for Smarter Grocery Shopping

We all know groceries are expensive and not getting any cheaper. This can be the source of unwanted financial burden, especially when feeding a family on a budget. But with these five tips for smarter grocery shopping you can save money and time and still enjoy the food you love.

1.) The One Shop Wonder
Let's get one thing straight from the outset - the worst way to shop is to walk into your local Coles, Woolsworths or IGA and buy everything you need there. This might seem like it is saving you time in the short term but in the long term it is taking up more time than you think. Buying everything at the supermarket seems convenient at the time but you are paying for that convenience. Supermarkets are designed to make our lives easier but sometimes putting in a little bit of extra effort can really add up at the till.

2.) Shop Around
Is there a butcher near your supermarket? Know of any nearby fruit and vegetable markets? These are the sort of places that are typically cheaper than the local Coles, Woolworths or IGA. Compare prices and see if there is a difference. If there is a significant saving it's worth making the change.

3.) Bulking Up
You can make some serious savings buying in bulk. Retailers like Costco are definitely worth a visit for items like washing powder, dishwasher tablets, toilet paper, paper towel, paper napkins and much more. Find a spot at home where you can store bulk buy items and start reaping the financial rewards.

4.) Checking out the Competition
Never be afraid to check out the competition when it comes to grocery shopping. Stores like ALDI offer many of the same products for lower prices as they try to compete with the other supermarket chains. As a consumer you can take advantage of this competition by picking up some real bargains. And remember - although many of the products may have different packaging they are often no different to the name brands found in other supermarkets. Try some of these items and see if they meet your standards.

5.) A Quick Sale is a Good Sale
Don't be afraid to buy goods that are marked "reduced for quick sale". Supermarkets are not allowed to sell items that have passed their used by date. When something is reduced for quick sale the supermarket is just trying to sell it while it is still legally allowed to. If you are going to have time to use the item before it goes off buy it quickly before someone else does. This can be especially good with meat - you can sometimes pick up something delicious and cheap for that night's dinner for half its original price.

By following these five simple tips for smarter grocery shopping you will same money, time and resources. Plus you might discover some delicious new things to eat along the way.

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