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How to Get the Best Flow in your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. Apart from being the place you prepare meals, it is also where your kids drop their backpacks, do their homework and raid the pantry after school. It can get disorganised pretty quickly.

Here are some tips to help you get the best flow in your kitchen:

Tip 1: Reorganise the Cabinets

Put all the items on the kitchen table and then sort them out one by one. Discard the items that are faded, cracked, chipped or that you no longer require. Wipe what's left with a clean dishcloth and them put them back into the cabinets. Put the commonly used items on the lower shelves and the less-used items on the upper shelves.

Tip 2: Divide the Kitchen into Activity Zones

Kitchen zoning is very important as it enables you to have different areas for doing particular activities. For instance, you can divide the kitchen into the serving zone, food preparation zone, cleaning zone, food storage zone and baking zone. Stick to these zones and kitchen life gets much easier.

Tip 3: Hang the Pans and Pots

Hanging hardware is remarkably adaptable and stylish and enables you to efficiently store your frequently used items and equipment exactly where you need them. Keep the drawers and cupboards for other stuff.

Tip 4: Minimise the Kitchen Counters

Leaving too many items and equipment on the kitchen counter makes it look disorganised and cluttered. Condiments, spices or the blender should always be kept out of sight.

Tip 5: Use see-through Glass or Plastic Containers

Using clear glass or plastic storage containers enables you to see and know exactly what is stored in each container. This allows you to save time and energy while looking for what you need in the kitchen at any particular time.

About the author:
Danny Duric is an Australian designer and blogger, who enjoys reading and writing about home improvement and home design. He is writing on behalf of an Australian supplier of appliances online.

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