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How to get rid of stinky odours in your home

And not just mask them with air fresheners

Let’s be honest, if you live in a house, there’s always going to be something that can go a little off and cause a stink.

Kids, animals, rubbish bins, bathrooms, cigarette smoke, burnt food.

And even if your home is kept spotless, this isn’t a guarantee to stop common household odours.

How to fix the top 5 smells in your home

  1. Musty and mouldy bathrooms: Start by opening the window to allow air circulation. Wash the towels and bath mats. Clean out the drains (block your nose when removing the gooey hair monsters). And wipe down all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner followed by bleach.
  2. Smelly rubbish bins and fridges: Start by throwing any furry food into the bin. Tie up the bin bag and take it outside, holding your breath. Wipe the bin down with a disposable cleaning wipe. Sprinkle some baking soda in the bottom before replacing the bag. An open pack of baking soda in the fridge also helps to absorb odours.
  3. Cat poop: Make sure you clean your cat’s litter box regularly. To clean their tray, cover it with baking soda, top with water and soak for hours. Then rinse and dry. Plastic liners are an excellent way to prevent future smells seeping into the tray.
  4. Stinky cigarettes: Clean EVERYTHING. Steam clean carpets, floors, fabric furniture and curtains. Use a multipurpose surface cleaner and wash walls, doors, windows and ceilings, and clean air conditioning filters.
  5. Burnt microwave smells: Fill a microwave-safe bowl with ½ a lemon and 1 ½ cups of water. Microwave it on high until it boils then let it cool before wiping the walls down with paper towel.

This article was written by OdourPro

For over 25 years, OdourPro have been Australian’s leading provider of holistic odour management services. When it comes to odours, they’ve smelt them all!

We’re sure you’ve all had a shocking household odour at some stage. Share your stinky story with us in the comments below.