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Garage sale tips for sellers

garage sale tips How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Garage sales can be a great way to get rid of unwanted possessions. Whether you are moving house or simply trying to declutter, getting rid of unwanted stuff at a garage sale can be fun, easy and profitable. Not sure where to begin? Follow these simple steps and your garage sale is off to a great start.

1.) Set a Date

When should you have your garage sale? The best time is undoubtedly the weekend but is Saturday or Sunday the best day? This is really up to you but when choosing which day, it is important to remember some people go to church or have sporting commitments on Sundays. The most popular day for a garage sale seems to be Saturday. This is actually a good reason to have your garage sale on Saturday - many people go to several garage sales in a day and this would ensure yours was on their list. You might also consider having your sale on both days if you are able to leave it set up.

2.) Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Letting people know about your garage sale is crucial. The best way to do this is to contact the local paper and have your garage sale listed in the classifieds. Another effective way of promoting your garage sale is to put up posters in shop windows and on community noticeboards in your area. Check your local council regulations regarding putting up posters on light poles and in other public places. If the council allows this these are also great places to put up posters. On the day a sign out the front of your house and some balloons tied to your letterbox can also be helpful.

3.) What to Sell

Most things can be sold at a garage sale as long as you have the room for them. Furniture, preloved clothes, children's clothes, baby stuff, kitchenware, tools, electronic equipment, garden tools, plants, bric-a-brac, second hand toys, DVDs and records are all very popular items at garage sales.

4.) The Price is Right

Go to your local newsagent and purchase some pricing stickers and an appropriate marker. Put a sticker on each item and write the price on it. When pricing items it is important to remember you are trying to declutter your home and get rid of stuff you no longer need so it can be good to keep the prices low.

5.) On the Big Day

It is often good to start your sale early if you can - sometimes even as early as seven AM. If it is raining try to have most of your goods under cover if possible. Make sure you have a float of at least fifty dollars in coins and notes so you are able to give people change. Keep this money on your person at all times - a bumbag can be great for that.

6. After the Sale

Hopefully there won't be many items left after the sale but you have several options for any leftovers. You can turn your sale into a FREE garage sale after a specific time, let people know during the day that come "2pm" everything you couldn't sell will be free. If you have decided to do this before the event you can advertise your free garage sale on Ziilch. If you decide after the event you can also list items to give away individually. Using Ziilch to give away what you don't sell means that items are still being reused and don't have to go out to hard rubbish and end up in landfill. Another option is to donate items you haven't sold to charity. Ziilch recommends you first contact your local charity to make sure they can accept your item. Unsaleable items cost charities millions of dollars every year, with items not appropriate for sale being transported to landfill.

Ideally your garage sale will have taken enough money to cover costs and make a little profit. But even if it is not a hugely financially successful remember that to hire a small skip cost around three hundred dollars and will end up creating more landfill. Instead, by having a garage sale you are making money and your unwanted items are being reused by people who need them!

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