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Online Selling Sites in Australia

If you've tried selling stuff online on sites like eBay, Quicksales, Gumtree and the Trading Post, you most probably have had items that didn't sell.

Ziilch solves this problem! Ziilch is Australia's favourite FREE online classifieds website committed to finding new homes second hand items. List items you haven't been able to sell and give them away for free! Not only will you be helping someone else out, you'll be surprised at how good you feel for doing it!


Click here to list items to give away on Ziilch (or find FREE stuff)!

Ziilch isn't just a place to give away free stuff, it's a great alternative to other online selling sites in Australia . Listing is 100% FREE, and ‘buyers' can trawl through the extensive range of great items to find free things they have a genuine need for.

Often items given away on Ziilch are collected the same day!

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