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Back in the old days, every household that had a computer naturally had a printer to complement it. It was just a natural assumption that people used to make that printers and computers came hand in hand. Then again, the concept of being environmentally friendly or going green was never a concerning problem in those days where threats of holes in the Ozone layer were your regular news over breakfast.

Don’t worry, the world has caught onto the Ozone layer issue as we’re more focused on being environmentally friendly and going green these days.

Fast forward to the modern day, the digital age of technology has pushed for a greener lifestyle away from print. With the concept of a paperless office becoming increasingly popular, many modern businesses are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint by restricting (or completely eliminating) the amount of paper prints carried out every year.

To Give Your Printer Away

Considering the unlimited options the digital era has made available for us, the need to print is becoming highly questionable. After all, why not just save the file as a PDF on your phone so that you can look at it later when you’re on the go? Or instead of having to print off pages and pages of a document you need to refer to, why not save it on your tablet and bring it along?

Plus, with those working the typical desk jobs, chances are, you probably have easy access to a printer at work on the odd occasion you need to do some printing.

One of the massive disadvantages of owning a printer at home are the costs associated with it. Ink cartridges and high-quality paper costs add up a significant amount, plus, the existence of human error and wastage in your printing efforts will be inevitable leading up to more losses in cost. Using a professional printing service for the complex jobs will eliminate the possibility for mistakes to be charged at your expense.

Not to Give Your Printer Away

So why would you need a printer at home after all?

For those who live the peculiar lifestyle of loving to print every memorable thing be it pictures or other artsy fartsy fancies, a printer may well serve its purpose to you. In fact, the digital age has fast forwarded itself too far ahead for the human brain to catch up with that we tend to forget about those memorable moments we’ve snapped.

As the years go by with hundreds of pictures of being snapped on a monthly basis, it’s apparent that our neverending digital database full of pictures and precious memories has become a digital graveyard to which none of us frequent.

Having a printer at hand to print those memories when you remember them is a great way to clutch onto the good times instead of forgetting them.

Then there are those who prefer having the ease of accessibility to printing whatever they want whenever they want. For example, the regular flyer who is always in need of printing out their boarding passes or the regular job seeker who always needs to print out the updated resume.

It feels good to be in control of your printing fate and if you need to print on a regular basis as having to weigh out the costs between using a printing service and owning your own printer, over a long period of time, the latter wins.

So Should You Give Your Printer Away?

Albeit a subjective decision, the practicalities of owning a printer are highly depending on your needs for printing and the situation you are in. If you don’t use a printer much and have access to one whenever you need a small print job done, it’s probably wiser to clear up some space in your home and give it away to someone else who needs it more.

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