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Signs it is Time to Clean Up your Makeup Drawer

The most intimate products are from the health and beauty isle. Think about it – beauty products are used on sensitive areas on the face and body. Eyeshadow can get into the eyes and no doubt we swallow the odd smear of lipstick when eating and drinking. It is, therefore, important to make sure that we are not putting out of date chemicals in contact with our bodies.

Even the most conservative health and beauty product consumer can easily find themselves with toiletry bags, makeup drawers and bathroom cabinets filled with old and unnecessary products. Finding the perfume you received from your great Aunt for a birthday present still in your cupboard 10 years later, is a sure sign you’ve got some serious decluttering to do!

Other signs of an imminent makeup clearing session are: leaking liquid foundation bottles, half-bald compact powder pans and samples of various potions that caused you to come out in a rash once but somehow still have not made it to the bin. Still, it can be hard to part with things; there is always that question of ‘what if I need this one day’?

At ziilch, we strive to inspire you to streamline your possessions so that you save space in your home and time that would otherwise be spent looking for things. Here are three simple starting points to clear out your makeup collection.

1. Throw out everything that is out of date. This is a no-brainer. If you’re putting these products on your skin, you don’t want old chemicals doing funky things in their packaging to due age. Who knows what that will do to your face! Not to mention, the effectiveness and textures of makeup are often compromised if it is too old. These are the only products that you don’t want to put on ziilch, this stuff does not pass go, does not collect $200, and gets put straight into the rubbish bin! Easy!

2. Collect together any products that are not yours, and get rid of them too! Yes, this includes your mother’s hand-me-down electric blue eyeshadow palettes and your ex-boyfriend’s extensive range of hair thickening treatments. You do not need these! Either put them in the bin or, if they are still in pristine condition, you may like to give them away on ziilch – where there is no cost to list items.

3. Take stock of all your products from past beauty lives; those looks that you have shed over the years as fashions change, leaving shelves of orphaned beauty products in your wake. This is also a chance to bring your present makeup style into the present day. Be honest when appraising your makeup collection. Will you ever need that silver glitter eyeshadow that was so hip in the late 90’s? No, the answer is no. And if you do need something for a space-themed New Year’s Eve party, rest assured today's shops will still provide.

Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can start with small contained zones or collections of belongings. A pared down makeup drawer means finding products more easily and avoiding health and fashion risks posed by outdated makeup.