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If you've got anything, you choose to give away, putting it on your nature strip might seem like a win-win situation. After all, it’s no longer cluttering up your house, and someone might drive by and collect it for other purposes. However, before you put your old stuff out on the verge, you need to know where you stand legally.

An Australian Rite of Passage

It has become an Australian tradition to put unwanted electrical items and furniture on the nature strip. You will often find within a day or so it has gone. It is sustainable as it is ending up as landfill. It may seem harmless. However, it could be breaking the law. Essentially this is littering, and this could result in a fine.

Check with Your Local Council

Some councils offer kerbside collections once or twice per year. Each council has different rulings, and you will need to contact your local body for clarification. However, it is not uncommon for people to ignore the dates and dump their rubbish outside when it suits them.If you have neighbours that repeatedly put unwanted goods on the verge, it can be frustrating. There is no guarantee when and if their stuff will be collected.

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The law can be confusing surrounding what you can leave on your nature strip. If you have any questions, Rose Law has a team of experts that specialise in property and neighbour law.