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Why Ziilch is better than Facebook Buy Swap Sell and Freebie Groups

Facebook. It’s seems you can do anything on it these days. You can sell a car. Run a business. Even plan a wedding. It also seems that some people have taken a liking to using Facebook for finding or giving away free stuff.


It’s hard to argue with the convenience of simply going on to Facebook and saying, “hey, who wants this?” or “yeah, I’ll have that”. But it’s also convenient to go job-hunting in your pyjamas. Something tells me you might be hunting for a while. There’s convenience .... and then there’s actually getting something done.

So here’s the top 5 reasons why Ziilch is better than Facebook for giving and getting free stuff.

1 – On Facebook Freebie and Buy Swap Sell Groups it’s first come, first served

When it comes to getting free stuff, people can be highly competitive. And if you’re using a Facebook Free Stuff group to find free stuff, unless you are literally staring at it all day, chances are someone’s going to get in first. Now if you’re that kind of person, then more power to you. But if you’re like us and need a break from Facebook from time to time, then you’re much more likely to have success on Ziilch. Because on Ziilch, successful recipients are chosen at the lister’s discretion. Much better opportunity to be in with a fighting chance.

2- Suburb restrictions

Many Facebook Buy Swap Sell and Freebie groups only show items from their list of suburbs. But at Ziilch, we don’t believe in borders. We tear down borders! Who are they to tell you where you can or can’t find free stuff? If you want that free fridge from across town, then on Ziilch you can go and get it.

3 – There’s no accountability

Anyone who’s ever used eBay, Gumtree or yes even Ziilch, knows the white-hot frustration you get when someone “no-shows.” In our line of work, it’s pretty much the worst sin there is and unfortunately, it’s an ongoing struggle. But that’s why we have feedback. From Uber to eBay to Ziilch, feedback is the best weapon against no-shows or poor accountability. We have it. Facebook sell buy swap and free stuff groups do not. If you want to give away something on Facebook, get ready to read a lot of those “nil” posts. But if you really want that item picked up from a reliable person, you know where to find us.

4 – You can’t browse / no categories

This is a no-contest. Do you like free stuff? Do you want all the free stuff in Australia presented to you in an efficient and categorised manner? Then welcome to Ziilch. But with the state of Facebook these days, it might as well be called Scrollbook, because that’s what you’ll be doing on it 90% of the time. These free stuff Facebook groups are no different. Have fun.

5 – No management of listings

You know that really nice looking chair you saw on that Facebook freebie page that you put in a request for? Yeah that’s already been given away to someone else. Sorry, they must have forgotten to delete it.
Sound familiar? Annoying isn’t it? On Ziilch, items are clearly marked as either “pending pick-up” or are simply removed from the site after collection. The Ziilch process is very transparent and can be managed at either end by the two parties. At least you can be sure you know where you stand.

Simply put, there’s a reason why websites that aren’t called “Facebook” still exist. It’s because Facebook is, at it’s core, still just a social entity that endorses a sedentary approach to everything. When you want something done, you go to the professionals. And when you want to give away something or get free stuff, you come to Ziilch. Because we’re just......better than Facebook groups.