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Hi All
Has anyone got a working overlocker they are not using. I'm keen to making some cloths and would like to give it a...

NEEDED Overlocker

Cheltenham, Victoria
Hi Ziiltch community,
I am looking for packing paper and bubble wrap for an upcoming move (have the boxes sorted!) Any...
Packing paper and bubble wrap

NEEDED Packing paper and bubble wrap

Murrumbeena, Victoria
I'm after any colour of thread for home sewing projects.
Sewing thread

NEEDED Sewing thread

Werribee, Victoria
Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone has a booster car seat with a back available for a 5+ year old child. We need one...
Booster car seat

NEEDED Booster car seat

Brunswick, Victoria
Wanted please indoor outdoor pots or planters, bought some plants that need repotting into larger pots. Thank u

NEEDED Pots/planters

Seaford, Victoria
Looking for a food processor please

Food processor

NEEDED Food processor

Seaford, Victoria
Queen size if possible please. We are having visitors and only need for 1 night Seaford area .thank u


Seaford, Victoria
So i am trying a bike and for that i need a helmet.
About me- 22 yo male
Thank you
Bike helmet

NEEDED Bike helmet

Gardenvale, Victoria
Does anyone in the Quakers Hill area have any womens clothing around sizes 8 - 10 or small - medium, that they no longer want....
Wanted Free Women's clothing size 8-10/small-medium

NEEDED Wanted Free Women's clothing size 8-10/small-medium

Quakers Hill, New South Wales
Im from
We are looking for a tv for a family who dont have one. If you are up grading your tv maybe...
Medium to large tv

NEEDED Medium to large tv

Berwick 3806 Vic, Victoria