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I am due to have a baby girl in about 3 and a half months and need quite a few things still. If anyone has any dressers or...
Dresser (or anything useful) for first baby on it's way

NEEDED Dresser (or anything useful) for first baby on it's way

Ringwood, Victoria
Hi I’m in urgent need of a fridge as mine has packed it in any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in
Urgent need a fridge

NEEDED Urgent need a fridge

Airds, none
Hi lm after a dryer in good working condition as mine has shit its self and its going to cost to much to fix.


Wantirna South, Victoria
Divine Family Care we are a non profit charity we would like a fishing tinny or similar to teach some of the youth how to fish...
Fishing Boat

NEEDED Fishing Boat

Berwick 3806 Vic, Victoria
Hi everyone I'm looking to see if anyone has a 2 seater outdoor setting preferably wooden but not fussy thank you
2 seater outdoor setting

NEEDED 2 seater outdoor setting

Northcote, Victoria
Hi everyone I'm wandering if anyone has a good condition 2 seater dining table set preferably with a glass tabletop
2 seater dining set

NEEDED 2 seater dining set

Northcote, Victoria
Us anyone hasvabokd working mobile, I would really appreciate it as mine has virtually died and I need it as U get my job...
Any mobile

NEEDED Any mobile

Ridleyton, South Australia
Looking for an acoustic guitar or electric guitar for my husband's 40th. We went thru some toughvtimes and had to sell our...
Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

NEEDED Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar

Ridleyton, South Australia
Hi, I'm looking for anyone that is wanting to give away a working washing machine, I can come and pick it up. thanks so much !
Washing machine

NEEDED Washing machine

Melbourne, Victoria
Hi is anyone giving a clothes dryer away please I really need one
Clothes dryer

NEEDED Clothes dryer

Melton South, Victoria