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Need a screen for my home desktop, anything that has an HDMI / DVI input. Screen size / resolution does not matter. Thanks in...
WANTED: Spare monitor

NEEDED WANTED: Spare monitor

Melbourne, Victoria
Hi there I was wondering if anyone had any camping equipment they want to give away please.
I have 5 children ages 4, 5,...
Camping equipment

NEEDED Camping equipment

Tooradin, Victoria
As ex housemate keeping all my furniture I am in desperate need for one. Can live without most stuff but not this
Fridge &/or freezer

NEEDED Fridge &/or freezer

Wellington, New South Wales
I am aged pensioner just can't afford new bedding sheets pillow cases doona covers really needed I suffer with cronic pain and...
King size sheets and bedding desperately needed

NEEDED King size sheets and bedding desperately needed

Warragul, Victoria
Looking for small chicken coop for 2 chickens. Run not necessary, just need shelter and roosting spot for my girls. Can travel...
Chicken Coop

NEEDED Chicken Coop

Reservoir, Victoria
Hi all Zilchers
Just wondering if anyone has a good working clothes dryer they are willing to part with or sell for a...
Working  clothes Dryer

NEEDED Working clothes Dryer

Scoresby, Victoria
I'm after the Kmart alphabet foam playmat that they used to stock a few months ago (as pictured). I have one set on the living...
Kmart Alphabet Playmat - from old range

NEEDED Kmart Alphabet Playmat - from old range

Doncaster, Victoria
Need a baby gate to block off an area of the living room with a 160cm opening. Must be pressure mounted as I'm renting. I can...
Wide baby gate

NEEDED Wide baby gate

Doncaster, Victoria
Blender or food processor, any condition/ needed for poor family, much appreciated, thank you
Blender or Food processor needed .

NEEDED Blender or Food processor needed .

Newport, Victoria
If anyone has a cross trainer that is working I would be more more than grateful and extremely appreciative if I could have the...
Cross Trainer of any sort

NEEDED Cross Trainer of any sort

Caroline Springs, Victoria