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Hi, I’m looking for large concrete, stone or terra-cotta pots that I can plant herbs and vegetables in. The bigger the...
Large concrete / terra-cotta pots

NEEDED Large concrete / terra-cotta pots

Frankston, Victoria
If you intend to throw away your old LAWN MOVER, please can i have it for college projects, thank you in advance.Willing to...
WANTED; Old Lawn Mover


Newport, Victoria
My daughter would love any unwanted PJ masks toys or items. Thanks 😊
Pj masks items

NEEDED Pj masks items

Kilsyth South, Victoria
Wanted apple iPhone Plus working or not to use to fix my broken one. Make one out of two.
Hopefully you will be in a 15...
Wanted iPhone 6Plus working or not

NEEDED Wanted iPhone 6Plus working or not

Melb, Chelsea Heights, Victoria
I need this book. Condition is not important. It's for a U3A seniors class. I'm happy to pay a reasonable price and happy to...


Clyde, Victoria
Hi there

My friend and I had a ‘friend who stole her laptop and my ghd, weive in woman’s housing due to...
Laptop and hair straightener

NEEDED Laptop and hair straightener

Bentleigh, Victoria
Just moved into a new rental with my boys and this place we now call home dosnt have air-con
(first world problems?)...
Portable Air Conditioner

NEEDED Portable Air Conditioner

Watsonia, Victoria
Hi I am a single father hello beautiful 9 year old girl we have recently just moved into our own unit but unfortunately do not...
Help is desperately needed

NEEDED Help is desperately needed

St Albans Melbournevictoria, Victoria
Hi! I’m hoping to find essential items to furnish my home as I’m a single mother of two kids aged 7 and 4 and we are coming...
Furniture needed

NEEDED Furniture needed

Boronia, Victoria
The computer I use for gaming and socializing with my friends has died. I would appreciate it if someone could help me out as I...
Need a desktop computer.

NEEDED Need a desktop computer.

Gladstone, Queensland