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PLEASE PLEASE We are elderly couple with medical issues.
Verry greatful if you have an unused old iphone,
spare Apple iphone

NEEDED spare Apple iphone

Alexandria, New South Wales
Large family of 8 pregnant again I have a mattress on the floor and looking for a queen bed frame and a double bed frame if...
Queen bed

NEEDED Queen bed

Rowville, Victoria
Hi does anyone have any Xbox 360 games please or psp we have consoles without any games. Thanks
Xbox 360 games

NEEDED Xbox 360 games

Kilsyth South, Victoria
I am in desperate need of a lawnmower or whipper snipper.

Thank you
Lawnmower or whipper snipper

NEEDED Lawnmower or whipper snipper

Melbourne, Victoria
I really would love a stainless steel fridge to match my appliances, but would appreciate any medium size fridge working. can...
Medium size fridge

NEEDED Medium size fridge

Melbourne, Victoria

I am a metal casting enthusiast for design art & craft & require 50 grams of Caesium...
Caesium & Rubidium metal

NEEDED Caesium & Rubidium metal

Magnetic Island, Queensland

I am looking for a portable arc furnace that can melt between 6-10 kg of metal and can heat to a temperature...
Arc Furnace Portable

NEEDED Arc Furnace Portable

Magnetic Island, Queensland
Hi, looking for a fridge for young lady moving out on her own, thank you
Wanting fridge

NEEDED Wanting fridge

Bentleigh, none
Needing a chirstmas tree and decorations if anyone has for young woman moving out on her own thank you
Wanted Christmas tree

NEEDED Wanted Christmas tree

Bentleigh, none