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Hi ,I am hoping someone has a spare/ unused/ unneeded Annex which I can attach to my 18 foot wooden caravan. Due to domestic...
Annex to live in indefinitely

NEEDED Annex to live in indefinitely

Glen Iris, Victoria
I would like to find an old unwanted or slightly damaged Gargoyle or Dragon please.

Terracotta or stone if...
Gargoyle or Dragon

NEEDED Gargoyle or Dragon

West Melbourne, Victoria
Starting a small start up business, NOT a charity. Aiming to work with/assist the disabled/special needs and their carers...
DIY shed/office space/storage

NEEDED DIY shed/office space/storage

Glenroy, Victoria
If you have any spare computers or phones please consider passing them on to us so that they can go to a migrant or refugee who...
Need Phones and Computers

NEEDED Need Phones and Computers

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
I am looking for an old computer it just need to be able to do the busic stuff on it think you
Looking for an old computer

NEEDED Looking for an old computer

Mooroobark, Victoria
Hi. Hope everybody is doing good. I'm looking for a manual lawn mower that somebody may have lying around and don't need...
Manual lawn mower

NEEDED Manual lawn mower

Melbourne, Victoria
Hi i love collecting gaming consoles and games that are in working order. So if anyone has and kindly doesn't want I'd be...
Any gaming consoles and games

NEEDED Any gaming consoles and games

Alexandria, New South Wales
I love vinyl records so if any one has and does not want I'd be certainly grateful and interested. I love rolling stones,...

NEEDED Records

Alexandria, New South Wales
I would love to give my 8 year old granddaughter a typewriter she has asked me for.

NEEDED Typewriter

Melbourne, Victoria