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I am in desperate need of a lawnmower or whipper snipper.

Thank you
Lawnmower or whipper snipper

NEEDED Lawnmower or whipper snipper

Melbourne, Victoria
I really would love a stainless steel fridge to match my appliances, but would appreciate any medium size fridge working. can...
Medium size fridge

NEEDED Medium size fridge

Melbourne, Victoria

I am a metal casting enthusiast for design art & craft & require 50 grams of Caesium...
Caesium & Rubidium metal

NEEDED Caesium & Rubidium metal

Magnetic Island, Queensland

I am looking for a portable arc furnace that can melt between 6-10 kg of metal and can heat to a temperature...
Arc Furnace Portable

NEEDED Arc Furnace Portable

Magnetic Island, Queensland
I am after a dryer for young lady who is moving out on her own
Looking for a dryer

NEEDED Looking for a dryer

Bentleigh, none
Hi, looking for a fridge for young lady moving out on her own, thank you
Wanting fridge

NEEDED Wanting fridge

Bentleigh, none
Needing a chirstmas tree and decorations if anyone has for young woman moving out on her own thank you
Wanted Christmas tree

NEEDED Wanted Christmas tree

Bentleigh, none
Needing a double mattress for a young lady doing it tough right now she has a base just needs mattress Thank you
Wanted Double mattress

NEEDED Wanted Double mattress

Bentleigh, none
it a present for my mum


Seddon, Victoria
Going camping in February and wanting a free or cheap single and/or tandem kayak to take with us so we can explore some lakes...
A single and/or tandem kayak, free or cheap for a camping adventure

NEEDED A single and/or tandem kayak, free or cheap for a camping adventure

Glen Iris, Victoria