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Medium sized Cardboard boxes for packing needed ASAP please
Cardboard packing boxes

NEEDED Cardboard packing boxes

Glen Iris, Victoria
Is anyone throwing out a unit that has the same hinges as the photo? Or have a hinge that is the same? I only need one to...
Cabinet hinge

NEEDED Cabinet hinge

Hampton, Victoria
I'm a single mother who is desperate for anything to furnish my new house in a new suburb and have no way of transporting I...
Desperate for any household furniture please

NEEDED Desperate for any household furniture please

Golden Bay, Western Australia
Hi there,
I am in need of a lounge suite if you can help out that would be most appreciated. Would like one in fairly...
In need of a decent Lounge suite

NEEDED In need of a decent Lounge suite

Altona Meadows, Victoria
Do you unwanted Guitar. I am helping create a music library for children with a learning disability.
Guitar Wanted

NEEDED Guitar Wanted

Werribee, Victoria
Hi there I am in need of overlooker to help the community make things
Over Locker

NEEDED Over Locker

Werribee, Victoria
Hi there I am after sewing in working order.
Sewing Machine

NEEDED Sewing Machine

Werribee, Victoria
I am looking for any wedding decorations people may have lying around that they are not using.
Wedding decorations

NEEDED Wedding decorations

Waurn Ponds, Victoria
WANTED ... Lounge Seats
I would like up to six, but would be happy with less
Apx. Width 50-60 cm
WANTED   ...   Lounge Seats

NEEDED WANTED ... Lounge Seats

Hallam, Victoria
Sewing machine
Sewing machine

NEEDED Sewing machine

Bundoora, Victoria