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Keep track of the kiddies (or your own) chores with our FREE to do list template you can download and print. Let you kids tick the box, draw a star or a happy face when they complete their chore.
Never forget a date! Keep track of important birthdays and anniversaries with our FREE Birthday Calendar for you to download and print. In a handy A4 format our free birthday calendar is easy to print out at home an pop on your noticeboard or fridge.
Find all sorts of deals, money off discounts, sales offers, tips and articles available to Australians to help save money.
On a tight gardening budget and looking for a rooting hormone alternative? Then head to the kitchen pantry and grab a jar of honey! Honey is a natural fungicide, antibiotic and promotes root growth.
Looking for ways to save money on plants when designing or landscaping your garden?
Are you looking for all-purpose environmentally friendly cleaning products that are planet and people friendly? Our home made recipe for a citrus lemon cleaner is a great alternative to toxic and chemical based cleaners.
Looking to save some money on your wardrobe, have a go at our tutorial on rejuvenating and reviving synthetic shoes!
How to Shop your wardrobe. A quick declutter and organise often solves this dilemma of having nothing to wear! Read our tips here.
We've made getting organised simple with our 4 easy steps to decluttering. Tanya Lewis from Eco Organiser shares her tips with Ziilch.

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